TGIF: Bengals O’Riley


Kirkendall posts his list of the top five Bengals games of the Marvin era. Well, top four, actually, since he couldn’t decide on a fifth. I can’t argue with his selections, but I think the choice for the fifth game is easy. (For those that need a refresher, click here.)

The Bengals have cut WR Doug Gabriel, a player that Chick Ludwig said just a few days ago was looking very impressive in workouts. His roster spot was filled by CB Jerred Gaines, an undrafted free agent who comes to Cincinnati from Miami (Ohio) via Cleveland. Geoff Hobson’s comments on the official site imply the moves were primarily roster-driven — namely a lack of corners in the OTAs — which once again points out the short-sightedness of the owners in not expanding the number of players teams could bring to camp in the wake of the dissolution of NFL Europa.

Memo from the SSDD Dep’t: Prodigal wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh says again that he might show up for some offseason stuff next week — if he can make time in his busy schedule for it. Housh downplays the importance of participating in the voluntaries, although he admits head coach Marvin Lewis has told him he “needs to be here.” T.J. also confirms that there have been no talks between his camp and the Bengals about an extension. Houshmandzadeh will be an unrestricted free agent in 2009.

Speaking of Marvin, a Kentucky IRS agent has been busted for illegally accessing the files of celebrities, including that of the Bengals’ head coach.

Hashmarks looks at key injuries from last season in the AFCN and how they’re healing up.

Clark Judge is breaking out the popcorn in anticipation of a Bengals – Ocho Bozo showdown in June.

Everyone seems to agree: TE ought to be a bright spot in 2008.

Who Dey Revolution introduces a new feature: Helping Hobson.