Marvin Under Fire


Haskmarks notes that Marvin Lewis is the only coach with four or more seasons in his job not to have delivered at least one playoff victory. I agree with B.J.: it’s tough to argue with Sal Paolantonio when he says that Marvin is overrated.

Matt Miller keeps hating on the Bengals.

Doc makes an interesting comparison.

Eric Deters, the lawyer representing those suing Chad Johnson over the whole Lexus/comedy club thing says that Ocho Bozo lied under oath and has the “mental agility of a small soap dish.”

The Chickster thinks that LB Ahmad Brooks is on the bubble.

Turns out that Odell Thurman isn’t the only player to have lost a spot on the Bengals due to a death in the family. Speaking of Odell, his reps say they will be talking to a half-dozen teams next week.

Testimony from a Fresno State team doctor supporting Jason Shirley’s contention that a concussion, not booze, was responsible for his October arrest has been delayed until Monday.

Who Dey Revolution runs through the mess at running back.

Football Outsiders reviews the current state of the AFC North.