Day By Day


Asked if Chad is still disgruntled, T.J. Houshmandzadeh says, “it just depends on what day you catch him.” Hopefully, agent Drew Rosenhaus will catch him on a good day when he calls this week to find out if Chad is attending the upcoming mandatory mini.

Cincy Jungle contributor Timzilla wonders if a “character combine” is the next step. However, in comments, one poster references a (somewhat dated) study claiming that the “violent crime rate among professional football players is actually less than that among other males of the same age and race.” On yeah, and Zach Levine at the Houston Chronicle is just so funny. Not. Damn, but the season can’t get here soon enough.

The eclectic activities of Dhani Jones continue to draw attention.

Rookie WR Jerome Simpson has some big goals:

"Wide receiver Jerome Simpson’s first move as a Cincinnati Bengal came inside the locker room, not on the field.The second-round draft pick settled into his temporary metal dressing stall, reserved for rookies, then took a walk across the massive, football-shaped room to the lockers occupied by Pro Bowlers Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.“I went over and looked at Chad’s locker, then I looked at T.J.’s locker,” Simpson said. “I told myself, ‘One of these days, coming up soon, one of these lockers is going to be mine. I’m going to work hard so I can get on that field and have one of these lockers.’ “"

The Chickster thinks Jeremi Johnson’s days are numbered.

BengalsBlog passes along another dismal prediction for the Bengals’ 2008 season.

Who Dey Revolution kills some time.