Tuesday Reads: Blah Blah Blah Odell Blah Blah Blah Chad Blah Blah Blah Is It September Yet?


SI.com says that former Bengals LB Odell Thurman is facing suspension again for a failed drug test. No specifics have come out out, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he simply missed another whiz quiz, which is how he “failed” his first test a couple years back. A missed test counts as a failed one under NFL rules. Comments by his rep Safarrah Lawson would seem to support that theory:

"Thurman’s representative, Safarrah Lawson, said he was unaware of the situation when contacted by ESPN.com Monday night. Thurman was released by the Bengals on May 19.“As far as I know we’re suppose to see some teams next week,” Lawson said. “We’ve talked to some people and we got some visits set up. If something happened, it’s a development that just unfolded. But I don’t have any knowledge of it.”"

In related news, Pacman Jones should be glad he was never a Bengal.

Who Dey Revolution says the Bengals better get their act together, or fans will be telling them to take this team and shove it. Heck, WDR is getting so ticked off they’re even providing The Chickster with free content.

The question of whether Ocho [inserto insulto hereo] will show up for the team’s mandatory activities continues to reverberate around Bengaldom–and attract national media attention. (Personal to B.J. at BengalsBlog: no, today probably wouldn’t be a good day for Drew and Chad to chat, eh?)

Roster looks here from Ludwig (o-line) and Hobson (quarterbacks).

Muckraker Mike agrees with me that fears of an uncapped league are overblown.

The Jason Shirley drama continues.