Hump Day Headlines


Chad Johnson will be in Cincy for the June mandatory mini, and so will ESPN’s John Clayton and Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole. Also, T.J. Houshmanzadeh says he just can’t make the last week of voluntary workouts.

Meanwhile, Bengaldom weighs in. BengalsBlog does the unthinkable and credits Mike Brown for his tough stance on Chad. Bengals Gab thinks the Bengals are a better team with Chad than without — as long the drama is done. Judging by his first sentence, Kirkendall apparently has some doubts that’s the case, and the Blitz believes that l’affair Chad is far from over. Likewise, WDR predicts he will continue to cause trouble unless he gets paid.

As go the fans, so too the talking heads. Doc writes that there are no winners. Hashmarks chalks Chad’s imminent return up to the money and expects the circus to continue. The NFL Live guys weigh in here (video). Radio host Lance McAllister suggests some new names for our wayward wide receiver.

"Ocho Flip Flop-OOcho Fraud-OOcho Broke-OOcho Blink-OOcho No-Diner-OOcho Back Track-OOcho BozoOcho Funny Bone-OOcho Taxes Oh-No-OOcho Nut Job-OOcho Insecure-O"

DE Frostee Rucker says it’s now or never.

Oh, c’mon. Who Dey would kick Billy Buffalo’s hairy ass. Go vote now, or else we get beaten by a purple cow, fer crissakes!

Jason Shirley’s fate is now in the hands of the jury.

A Skyler Green sighting. And while we’re on the subject of ex-Bengals, Peter Warrick’s CFL career didn’t last long.