Shirley Case Ends in Mistrial


Jason Shirley’s DUI and hit-and-run case ended in a mistrial today when the jury couldn’t reach a verdict. Apparently, a new trial will further delay his arrival in Cincinnati.

"Retrial of the case is expected to take place June 25 with jury motions being heard June 9.Shirley, a recent fifth-round NFL draft selection of the Cincinnati Bengals, had wanted to leave for Cincinnati today, said his attorney, Charles Magill.“We’re very disappointed,” Magill said. “Mr. Shirley wanted to have this behind him so he could go forward with his professional career.”"

Update: The Cincinnati Enquirer confirms that the mistrial means Shirley will likely miss the team’s mandatory June camp. Considering that the word on him coming out of the rookie camp was that he had great athletic ability but needed a lot of work on technique, this has to be a blow to his development and to his chances of contributing on the active roster, versus a spot on the practice squad, this fall. Nothing that can’t be overcome with hard work, but the chances Shirley could make an impact in 2008 just fell.