Hump Day Headlines: Ocho No Show?


Will Ocho Self-Destructo show up for the Bengals mandatory minicamp, which starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday? If he does, he’ll have to skip a charity basketball game in Sacramento that he’s scheduled to participate in Friday night.

Former Cincinnati o-line coach Jim McNally has been inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Rudi Johnson says he is healthy and ready to go.

Ex-Bengals coach Sam Wyche won the GOP nod for a county council seat in South Carolina.

Pro Fantasy Sports likes Chinedum Ndukwe.

BengalsBlog says that if you think Marvin Lewis is overrated, the guy to blame isn’t Marvin, but Mike Brown.

"Billick won some playoff games, and a Super Bowl. Lewis hasn’t won anything. Yet one is gone and one remains. Says a lot about the differences between the Bengals and the rest of the NFL. You can give credit to Mike Brown for not throwing loyal people under the bus, but it does raise questions about the pressure to win in Cincinnati (which most feel is nonexistent) and elsewhere in the league."

All too true. It’s hard not to think that the lack of accountability within the front office — Mike Brown isn’t going to fire his daughter or her husband, much less himself — leads to a lack of urgency throughout the whole organization. We didn’t win? Oh, well, there’s always next year. In his interview yesterday, Carson Palmer says he thinks the organization wants to win as badly as anyone. To that, I can only repeat what I wrote while talking about T.J. Houshmandzadeh’s absence this offseason.

"What happened to all that disappointment and frustration we read and heard about at the end of last season? How disappointed and frustrated can you really be if you can’t be bothered to make changes in the way you do things?"

That’s true for management just as it is for players.

And speaking of the front office, WDR brings us a gem.