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Peko Extended


In a bit of non-Chad Johnson news, the Bengals announced they reached a deal with defensive tackle Domata Peko that will keep him in stripes through 2014.

Update 3: The Chickster reports that the deal is for five years and $30.3 million, with $8.5 million in guaranteed coin. Not a bad payday for a former fourth-round pick.

As for Ocho Oucho, the Bengals claim he refused to practice after telling the coaching staff his back hurt. This contradicts earlier reports from Chad’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus that it was an ankle problem. Reports from the Bengals themselves are also contradictory, with coach Marvin Lewis originally stating that Chad told team doctors he had an “ailment.” Later, the team would release a statement saying that Chad said nothing to the doctors, was cleared, and then told coaches about his “sore back.”


TO: Drew Rosenhaus, Cincinnati Bengals organization
FROM: Stripe Hype

STFU, both of you.

That is all.

Update: STFU? No dice. The beat goes on. The latest update to today’s minicamp saga on the official site begins with the unlikely sight of Drew Rosenhaus sitting beneath a tree near Paul Brown Stadium, while Mike Brown quietly tries to sneak up with a chain saw.

OK, I’m lying about the quietly part.

Anyhow, Rosenhaus says he has proof that Chad’s ankle is hurt, and in fact the Bengals have released (apparently another) statement confirming that they have recommended Johnson get ankle surgery since the end of last season.

In actual news, Hobson reports that, in contrast to the morning session, Chad participated in drills and caught balls during the afternoon practice.

Update 2: Enquirer Bengals beat writer Mark Curnutte summarizes the day’s stupidity on the part of all parties involved.

Again, a Stripe Hype memo to the team & Drew: Just STFU. Both of you.

Update 4: I know, it never ends. But it’s worth noting that the story on originally titled — for most of the day — “Bengals: Chad Refused to Practice” is now “Chad Back on Field” and offers that there may be a “thaw in the Cold War.” That may indicate that what passes for the Bengals’ brain trust realizes they were coming off as the heavies today, a day when, whatever else can be said, Chad did show up, did participate (albeit in very limited fashion) and did not open his mouth despite the presence of half the sports media on Earth.

Good. As to going forward, I suggest they leave it to Charlie Collins

"Collins is wide receivers coach at Santa Monica Junior College who is here on an NFL coaching internship.“I was Chad’s coach in junior college,” Collins said.Where is Chad’s head right now?“By the time I’m done this week, it’ll be in the right place,” Collins said. “It’s a slow burn, but he’s getting there. He’s going to come around. He’s going to help the team. He’s got the talent. He’s just got to get his mind in the right place.”"

Patience, people, patience.