The Main (Non) Event


Well, that was much ado about nothing, eh? Chad Johnson, to the surprise of the team and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, shows for the mandatory mini.

Johnson spent the morning practice on the sidelines, apparently with the blessing (or perhaps, to the relief) of the team, where he caused no trouble.

"Johnson declined comment after practice, when teammates said he acted normally with the.“He talked to me about some routes, on how I have to sell my ‘Go,’ route and 6 route,” said second-round pick Jerome Simpson.Defensive tackle John Thornton observed, “It’s going on all over the league. There are guys not practicing. He was fine. He was in the team meeting and there was nothing that stood out. It’s really not a distraction."

Over at PFT, Muckraker Mike ran out of popcorn watching Chad do…nothing. Clearly, if this is what passes for entertainment in the Florio household, he needs to get out more. The big media presence at the minicamp was reduced to speculating on Chad’s body language.

All this could change, of course, but right now it looks like those hoping for more fireworks between Ocho Bozo and Carson Palmer or Marvin Lewis are going to be disappointed. Me, I’m inclined to take the advice of Nick over at WDR: ignore him.