TGIF, Chad Edition


Kirkendall’s take on the quickly becoming infamous video that caught this exchange between Marvin Lewis and Chad Johnson:

"Marvin: “When you gonna come give me some love?”Chad: “Ain’t no love no more. It’s business.”Marvin: “Oh, okay. Good. Business is playing.”Chad: “It’s scary when you got someone great, and he’s playing pissed off.”"

It isn’t clear whether the last comment was made at the same time as the first three; it appears not. Kirk’s take:

"But this exchange further damages whatever reputation Chad had left. Most GMs have said, “no thanks” with the rhetorical question of acquiring the self-title greatness. Some even said they wouldn’t take him for nothing."

I wouldn’t go that far. If anything, Ocho Bozo is signaling that he’ll be the very picture of serenity and unity once the “business” (in other words, the money) gets taken care of. And any team that took him on would likely give him a new deal. So I don’t see any (fresh) damage to Chad’s trade value.

That said, I agree with my SB Nation counterpart that the trade ship has sailed. Sorry, John, sorry Tom, but it isn’t going to happen. And frankly, why should it? As Clark Judge astutely points out, the team holds all the cards.

I give the final word on minicamp, day 1 to Enquirer sports columnist Paul Daugherty, whose dead-on comments reveal the true clowns at yesterday’s workouts. This is required reading, folks.

Turning to real news, The Chickster writes that the national media types were not impressed by the Bengals’ first workouts.

"I just came from Cleveland Browns minicamp,” one guy said. “The difference is night and day.”He said the Browns practice at a much higher tempo than the tortoise-slow Bengals.“But it’s only the first day (of Bengals’ minicamp), so I’ll cut ‘em some slack. Hopefully, they’ll pick it up.”"

RB DeDe Dorsey left the stadium on crutches. His availability for the start of the season is in doubt.