Tuesday Reads: Akili Pick Still Stings


PFW’s Dan Arkush taps Akili Smith as the worst third overall pick of the last decade. With respect, Dan, no: he was the worst draft pick of the last decade, period. Not just because he sucked donkey nads on the field, but also because the Bengals rejected then-Saints coach Mike Ditka’s insane offer of New Orleans’ entire draft for the pick, so the Saints could move up and grab Ricky Williams. In the lengthy annals of dumb moves by owner Mike Brown, it’s hard to see how that one is ever going to be topped.

The Bengals have some tough cuts to make at defensive back.

The Chickster reaches badly for a headline.


"Chad Johnson participated in the Cincinnati Bengals’ mandatory minicamp, but didn’t talk to the media except to say “Vote for Obama.”Upon hearing the news, John McCain’s campaign acknowledged the need to work harder to attract the much-coveted disgruntled wide receiver demographic.McCain’s next step: phone calls to Plaxico Burress and Anquan Boldin."

More snark here.

And I thought I had too much time on my hands. He got 78 right, though.