Don’t Feed the Ocho Trollo


Another day, another national media flyover insisting that the Bengals absotively, posolutely have to trade or cut Chad Johnson, or they are doomed. Ain’t gonna happen, Vinny — and it shouldn’t, either. The only reason to think Chad will be a distraction is that too many national media types who have apparently never met my good friend Mr. Irony won’t stop talking about him!

There’s an old internet tradition: Don’t feed the trolls. If guys like Iyer and Jason Cole and John Clayton would quit feeding Chad, the whole Ocho Imbroglio would fizzle out pretty damn quick. Quit feeding our troll.

As for Ocho Cinco himself, he’s getting his ankle scoped. The procedure isn’t expected to cause him to miss any time.

Site News: The Management finally got done revamping the home page. Sweet.