Pete Prisco (Hearts) Stacy Andrews


CBS Sportsline senior writer Pete Prisco names G/T Stacy Andrews his No. 1 potential breakout player of 2008.

"Andrews, the brother of Philadelphia Eagles’ Pro Bowl guard Shawn Andrews, came into the league in 2004 as a raw fourth-round pick known more for his ability to compete in track and field then on the football field. In four seasons, he has become a physical force who plays with a mean streak like his brother.The right tackle spot doesn’t get the glamour of the left tackle position, but Andrews might help change that. He is a drive-blocking, power player who should help spring Rudi Johnson for big numbers this season."

Well, here’s hoping that Prisco is right, but if he thinks Stacy was a “drive blocking power player” last year, he and I must have been watching different games. To my eye, Andrews seemed to hold up well in pass protection, but added nothing to the run game. If he can take the next step and become a complete tackle this year, he will deserve whatever fortune the Bengals bestow on him.