Hump Day Headlines


Usually Cincinnati Enquirer sports columnist Paul Daugherty makes sense. Not today. To steal a line, beneath the careless rhetoric, he makes a valid point: the front office lacks urgency when it comes to winning. But using T.J. Houshmandzadeh to illustrate that undercuts the point. Especially a T.J. who is skipping workouts with Carson Palmer in order to be at a high school football camp. Granted, it shows T.J. is a nice guy, but how would it have been “big timing it” to stay focused on his job, Doc? And where was T.J. all offseason? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, the workouts were “voluntary.” But like I said a while back, when you’ve been going backwards for two years, same-old-same-old starts to get…old.

Cincy Jungle has some details on the signings of Mario Urrutia and Matt Sherry.

WDR wants LB Dhani Jones to include an orange-and-black bowtie in his line of neckwear. Hey, I’d buy one.

ESPN’s James Walker looks back at the 2005 draft and gives the Bengals an F. Yup.

AFC North Watch: Muckraker Mike says the Ravens are closing in on QB Joe Flacco. And like the Bengals, June 15 came and went in Baltimore without a long-term deal for their franchise player, Terrell Suggs.

Pittsburgh billionaire Stanley Drunkenmiller wants a majority interest or nothing in the Steelers.