TGIF: Henry Return a Bad Idea


If he’s reinstated by the NFL, would the Bengals really be interested in re-signing WR Chris Henry, as ESPN reports? I suppose anything is possible, but it seems like a bad idea. I wish Henry well…somewhere else. His penchant for trouble, combined with his razor’s-edge status with the Commissioner’s office, means he can’t be relied up. One incident, or even allegations of an incident, and he’s sidelined. Maybe there are teams that can afford that risk, but Cincinnati just spent multiple picks on wideouts in the last draft, including second and third rounders. Bringing Henry back will only delay the development of newcomers like Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell. Notably, there is near-unanimity around the Bengals blogosphere on this issue. Memo to Mike Brown: just say no. Time for both Henry and the Bengals to move on.

Update: Only a former Cleveland Browns sportswriter could be this fucking dumb. The Bengals went 2-6 without Henry and 5-3 with him last year? Shoot, James, that only proves the point they shouldn’t bring him back. Why would you want to go back to relying on a guy who has shown time and time again that he can’t clean up his act and invite a repeat of 2007? No no no no no.

The Bengals have signed seventh round pick Angelo Craig, a defensive end out of the University of Cincinnati.

AFC North Watch: The Ravens have just three days left until camp opens — and 8 unsigned draft picks.

It looks like Browns No. 3 WR Joe Jurevicius will start the season on the PUP list.