Tuesday Reads: Chad Moves On


Ocho Cinco is moving on. Paul Daugherty isn’t. You know, I’ve always been a big fan of Doc’s columns, but lately his comments on the Bengals have been going off the deep end. Maybe it’s the loss of a counterweight. When the Cincinnati Post went under last December, it took columnist Lonnie Wheeler with it. Wheeler’s columns usually made the same points as Daugherty’s, but with more thought and less acerbity. These days, Doc is all vitriol, all the time — at least when it comes to the Bengals. All I can say is, contra Paul, I think it’s been a good offseason. The Bengals added talent in both free agency and the draft, subtracted troublemakers, and are healthier than they’ve been since 2005. Ineffective defensive coordinator Chuck Breshnahan is gone, and our new LB coach has a history of successfully developing linebackers, a position group that’s been a sore thumb all through the Marvin Era. Are there still plenty of questions? Sure, but no more than any other club has at this point.

Long snapper Brad St. Louis’ father was killed earlier this month in a bicycling accident. He was 64. Condolences to Brad and all his family.

Whodeyfans believes Chad will play hard this season.

Ex-Bengal Pete Johnson was sentenced to 60 hours community service for passing bad checks.

AFC North Watch: The QB competition in Baltimore kicks off today.