Rivers in da House


Per Bengals.com’s Geoff Hobson, it’s all over but the shouting.

Time to crack a cold one. Salute!

Update: The Cincinnati Enquirer confirms. Ditto The Chickster

Update 2: Per the Bengals.com story linked above, it’s done.

Update 3: Per the Muckraker. Rivers will make $4 million more than No. 10 pick Jerrod Mayo over the first four years.

"Per a league source, the deal bridged the gap between linebacker Jerrod Mayo’s deal at No. 10 and the Sedrick Ellis contract at No. 7 via significant fourth-year escalator, which could force a restructuring.Also, Rivers will earn $4 million more than Mayo in the first four years.As we understand it, Rivers can earn $23 million via cumulative play-time triggers. We’re in the process of tracking down more details."

Fascinating, especially the bit about a significant escalator that could force a restructuring. The Bengals typically hate hate hate stuff like that, and the break from tradition is worth noting. More as it develops.

Update 4: Stuff from ESPN:

"Rivers arrived in camp at Georgetown, Ky., Tuesday evening while both sides worked out the final details of the contract. Rivers’ contract is a six-year deal that voids to five, but terms weren’t immediately available. Based on the Jerrod Mayo deal behind him, Rivers, the 10th pick in the draft, could max out with a contract in excess of $20 million if he hits all of his performance and playing time clauses."

Wow. Voidable years??? In some closet, the duct-taped mummy of owner Mike Brown is spinning like a top! Props to the Bengals front office for breaking the pattern this year…at least by all appearances, so far.

Updates keep comin’: Aside from needing an editor (it’s “mantle” not “mantel”) Walker is on target.