Tuesday Reads: Bengals v. Favre


Remember last year’s preseason game against the Falcons? The one where there was an occasional reference to the game being played during a three-hour discussion of Michael Vick? Well, prepare for the Bengals to play second fiddle to the Brett Favre circus next Monday night. I suppose I ought to feel grateful toward Ocho Farveo. After all, as Geoff Hobson points out, his actions make Chad Johnson’s offseason antics look like small beer in comparison. But the prospect of listening to three (more) hours of Favre ballwashing Monday night annoys the hell out of me. Oh well, there’s always the mute button, the radio and the cold, hard football facts.

2007 second-round pick RB Kenny Irons has been cut loose a second and apparently final time by the team. Irons blew out his knee in preseason last year, and his rehab had been very slow. He was not expected to play this season.

There’s been a Reggie McNeal sighting.