Thursday Reads: Henry Rumors Buzz Bengaldom


Just before training camp got started, The Chickster penned a short item on the subject of ex-Bengals wideout Chris Henry, saying the only reason the Bengals didn’t re-sign him after the recent charges against him were dropped was that Marvin Lewis put his foot down. Though apparently over, the saga continued to percolate. For example, Chick noted that the other WRs keep talking about how much they miss Henry. Now, the guys at WDR offer their take on the chances Lewis won a battle with owner Mike Brown (answer: not very good) and also pass along word that Henry was spotted at camp last night. Notably, the Bengals released injured WR Travis Brown yesterday, leaving the with an open roster spot…

A Henry return still seems extremely unlikely — not to mention extremely stupid — to me, but with the Bengals, you never know. They specialize in stupid. Were Henry to be resigned, he would be suspended all of September for the crime of not being guilty of those aforementioned recent charges.

Bengals safety Chinedum Ndukwe is questionable for the opener after suffering a knee injury in practice.

The Bengals are practicing running out of a two TE set a lot in Georgetown, fulfilling a prediction from Pat Kirwan

Keith Rivers’ holdout was no big deal. Told ya.