Bengals/Packers Preseason Game Thread


Feel free to comment on the game here.

I’m not a big liveblogging fan, but will update this entry with commentary during the game. And even before…

— So, I turn on the ESPN pregame coverage and what’s the very first thing I hear Chris Berman say? “What about that guy who used to be in Green Bay?” Here comes the interminable Brett Favre talk, I’m sure. First up, though, let’s rehash the Ocho Imbroglio! Just shoot me.

— Well, that was the most ill-informed group discussion of the Bengals I’ve hear yet this year. Mike Ditka speaks in cliches…no, you nitwits, Marvin Lewis is NOT on the hot seat…at least Jackson noted all the wasted picks from ’05…damn, wehre’s my mute button?

— blah blah blah Favre blah blah blah Favre blah blah Favre…

— Keith “Rollin’ on the” Rivers? Before someone shoots me, shoot Berman…

— First series on defense was good. Got pressure, got the Pack off the field…

— First series on offense, worthless. Looks like Chatman blew the route on that first play…at least Perry touched the ball and didn’t go down with a season-ending injury.

— Second defensive series started good, stuffing the run, then the usual, no pressure and a conversion on third and long. Sigh. Another sack, though.

— So much for stuffing the run.

— …and Dexter Jackson comes through on the tip drill! Bengals ball.

— … which, of course, they do nothing with. Three and out.

— Kick/punt coverage has been pretty good, though. STs were a big problem last year.

— Wide open. That should have been a Packers TD. At the very least it lets them into the red zone. And they go right back and make it this time. At least the WR was covered this time.

— Bengals were lucky that was just 3. Pack up by a FG. I wonder if we’ll see Carson and the ones again.

— Yup. Good. I want to see at least a friggin’ first down before they sit for the night.

— Awesome. 3-for-3 on 3-and-outs. And this time with 100% more Ben Utecht dropping a pass! Oh, and Glenn Holt too. So…9 snaps for 13 yards so far, or thereabouts.

— Ugh. Well, we know Marvin White can hit. Too bad the defense overall can’t tackle. 10-0 Pack.

— Bengals first-string O still in, with Perry getting a first-down carry. End Q1, Pack up by 10.

— Perry looking good. Bengals finally moving the ball and…fumble by Perry. Stay on your feet, Chris! The acrobatic crap always results in trouble. Oh, well, I suppose that’s to be expected after not playing for 2 years. Green Bay ball again.

— Oops. Not a fumble. Down by contact. Still Bengals ball.

— TD Utecht! That’s why we got him. 10-7 Pack.

— OK, here come the twos for Green Bay on offense. Time to switch gears to watching if any young’uns stand out.

— First name: Corey Mays with the pick of Brian Brohm’s first pass.

Ryan Fitzpatrick in for Carson.

— Nice YAC move by Marcus Maxwell.

— TD Chris Perry! He’s looking solid tonight. And not hurt yet! 14-10 Bengals.

— No one told White it was preseason, apparently. Damn but this kid loves to hit.

— 2:00 warning. Perry would have had the first if he’d kept going ahead but tried to get cute and got stuffed.

— Three more from Shayne Graham. Nice series from the twos. 17-10 Bengals.

That’s the half and I’m hanging it up for the night as we head for scrub time. A little instant analysis: I would have liked to see more from the first-string offense earlier, but it’s their first time out this year so I’ll give them a mulligan pending next week. On defense, tackling remains a big issue, but I see an attitude I like. More pressure on the QB, more hits. Marvin White needs to wrap ’em up, not just slam the guy. Chris Perry looked real good tonight, just needs to get his head back into football mode. Kick/punt coverage was good, no big ST screwups for the Bengals, all good to see. Some nice stuff from Maxwell and Utecht…Chatman not so much. No. 3 wideout slot still for hire. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the game!