Thursday Reads: No Henry


Chris Henry’s agent said that there is no deal pending to bring the wayward WR back to Cincinnati, and coach Marvin Lewis stated that he isn’t worried about team’s current status at WR.

"He disagreed that the story has legs because no No. 3 receiver has emerged. “I don’t think it has legs because of anything,” Lewis said. “We need to get T.J. back and healthy and keep working with the other guys … but this question of the third receiver when most people don’t have two, I appreciate that.”"

Doc thinks, and I agree, that if there’s any truth to the Henry rumors, it has its source in the Bengals front office with owner Mike Brown, and that it would be a very bad idea for ownership to force Lewis to take Henry back. As to why Brown might want Henry in stripes againk, Mark Curnutte reports that the New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens are interested in him, and Brown would doubtless hate to see Henry in a Ravens uniform. Still, if that’s the price they have to pay, so be it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I wish Chris Henry and long and successful career. Just someplace else. Both he and the Bengals need a fresh start.

Update: Contra Doc, The Chickster points to Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh as the prime movers behind the ongoing Henry rumors:

"Folks, here’s what’s happening. Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are in touch with Henry, telling him how much they miss him … telling him that he’s better than the crop of Bengals wideouts vying for the No. 3 role.Natch, Henry tells his agent that his former teammates love him and miss him, and Frazier spreads the word — discreetly — to selected members of the media (in this case, NFL Network’s Adam Schefter) that the Bengals are unhappy with rookie draft picks Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell.Don’t buy it because nothing is further from the truth.Simpson and Caldwell are steadily progressing, and both will be fine, just fine. As for Marcus Maxwell, Antonio Chatman and Glenn Holt, they might not be filet mignon, but they’re not cheap ground beef or chopped liver, either.I asked one of the Bengals’ higher-ups about Henry re-signing with Cincy. The response: “IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON, IF AT ALL.”"

Facing the prospect of a $20,000 fine from the NFL for giving the media the silent treatment, Chad spoke to the media. Among other things, he denied yesterday’s PFT report that he was legally changing his name to Ocho Cinco.

With backup center Dan Santucci on crutches with a busted ankle, and starter Eric Ghiacuic still not secure in the top spot, Kirkendall wonders if the Bengals should go after LeCharles Bentley. It’s a thought, but if it’s one the Bengals have, they better get a move on. John Clayton reports that interest in Bentley is heating up and that he could be on some team’s roster by the start of next week.

Greg finds some positives in the Monday night win against Green Bay that the team can build on.

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