TGIF: Willie Wants to Start


RT Willie Anderson bristles at being called a “backup” and suggests he’ll beat out franchise player Stacy Andrews by opening day.

Anderson didn’t play in the preseason opener against Green Bay, but looks to go this weekend versus the Detroit Lions. In his camp diary for The Cincinnati Enquirer, Anderson also has some encouraging words about the D:

"Our defense had a great camp. For one of the first times in years, the defense basically kicked our butt all the way through camp. That’s something that has made us play as an offense at a higher level. The defense has better players. They are getting coached better. It was a good thing to see. We had some back-and-forth days where we both did well, but the defense had more good days than the offense. And that’s something that we needed. Sometimes the offense gets all the attention and gets on its high horse."

Anderson especially like the DBs and the linebacking corps. And speaking of the LBs, that didn’t take long.

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