Panic Sets in in Cincy


The minute that Chad Johnson walked off the field hurt last night, you could see it coming. And now, here it is: ESPN reports that Chris Henry is headed to Cincinnati to re-sign with the team.

Why? I don’t know. I suppose Mike Brown finally found his excuse in Ocho’s oucho to over-rule his head coach, who clearly doesn’t want Henry back. And why would he? In the first place, he’s no help in September because he’s suspended for four games. And based on his prior behavior, even if he makes it back on the field, it won’t be for long.

One step forward…two steps back. Sigh.

Update: The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Mark Curnutte confirms a one-year deal will be announced tomorrow.

C. Trent says, “the nation turns to Cincinnati, points and laughs.”

Pragmatic’s bummed.

WDR can’t resist an “I told you so.”

And from last week: Uh-oh. Don’t do it, kirk. Don’t let the bastards win!

Finally, Muckraker Mike asks:

"Have the Bengals lost their freaking minds?"

Yes. Happened about 17 years ago, sadly.

Update 2: Hobson’s turn:

"Henry became the face of the Bengals’ off-field problems that marred the 2006 season and as late as last week head coach Marvin Lewis indicated he was not interested in Henry.He put it in as strong as terms as possible on July 22.“I’m not interested,” Lewis told reporters at the Bengals training camp luncheon. “I don’t think it would be productive for our football team. You have to be a productive part to be an NFL player, and there’s responsibilities to being an NFL player. It’s a privilege, it’s not a right. There’s a lot that comes with being an NFL football player.”It’s unclear if the expected Henry signing represents a rift between Lewis and club management."

Unclear?!?! And this from Chad:

"“It’s great (Henry) is back. He’ll be fine.”"

File this one under “Asylum, inmates running the”.