TGIF: Titanic Clash Looming


Titans DT Albert Haynesworth plans to play Sunday. Meanwhile, Bengals SS Chinedum Ndukwe still awaits clearance from the coaching staff. Backup C Kyle Cook, rookie DT Jason Shirley and DE Frostee Rucker all appear to be making progress, but third-round pick WR Andre Caldwell has turned up lame again.

On the Vince Young front, Kirkendall beats me to the punch re: James Walker, who is as usual clueless. For an intelligent take, try C. Trent:

"Even without Vince Young, the Titans have a solid offensive line and solid running game. With him, they don’t have much of a downfield passing game. With Kerry Collins, they have a guy that can stretch the field vertically and make the play-action more deadly, because stopping the run will be paramount."

Add in the fact that Collins can land the starting QB gig for the whole season if he performs as one more reason to be wary of a highly motivated Kerry.

Predictions: CHFF says it will be Titans over Bengals by 3. Sportsline’s crew goes 4-2 in favor of the Bengals. ESPN favors Tennessee. Finally, whodeyfans fires up its crystal ball and says the Bengals win after recovering an onside kick and running out the clock.

Me, I’ll take the Bengals to win by 3, 24-21.

Elsewhere, The Chickster notes that Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski is one of the few OCs in the league who calls plays from the press box instead of being down on the sidelines during the game. Commenter Ryan Ross notes:

"It takes just a quick glance at the 2007 final standings to determine which style lends to more victories… The only team with a coach calling this shots in the press box and a winning record was Cleveland. The combined record of Upstairs coaches was 42-128 (.328)."

I can’t think of any reason why this should be so, but there it is anyway.