Hump Day Headlines: I Don’t Know


A Bengals fans invokes the Ecuadoran volcano gods to change the Bengals’ luck. Hey, WTF, it can’t hurt.

Dave Lapham thinks the offensive line played better against Tennessee, but still lack confidence.

What does it say about the condition of former Bengals RB Rudi Johnson that his new team, the Detroit Lions, worked out Shawn Alexander, Cedric Benson and Vernand Morency yesterday as a guard against injuries at RB?

What the hell is James Walker babbling about?

"Giants practice squad cornerback Geoffrey Pope was called up to the “bigs” Tuesday — if you consider the Bengals in that level. He was in demand because former first-round draft choice Johnathan Joseph is injured.And just so you know the process, the Giants could counter the move if they wanted to activate Pope to the 53-man roster. But that would be a luxury move, and the Giants are already crowded at Pope’s position. When Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters are both healthy, it’s a tough choice for head coach Tom Coughlin to make regarding who stays up. The club also brought in veteran safety Sammy Knight in free agency, but rookie Kenny Phillips has turned Knight into an insurance policy."

Uhhh…James, how exactly could the Giants “counter the move?” You do realize that the Giants cut Pope when they trimmed down to 53 and the Bengals signed him to their practice squad, right?

Clifton Brown believes all the 0-2 teams except San Diego are cooked.

Aren’t you glad we have Scouts Inc.? If thy weren’t around, where could we reliably turn to get our daily blinding glimpse of the obvious?

Speaking of Carson Palmer, he should probably keep an eye out for pissed off fantasy football fans while doing his weekly grocery shopping.

Whodeyfans lays into Cincinnati’s playcalling.

Finally, a belated welcome to Fansided’s 32nd and final NFL blog, Musket Fire.