TGIF: Defense to be Tested


DC Mike Zimmer and Stripe Hype agree on one thing: the Giants represent several steps up in terms of the quality of offense that the Bengals’ D will face. Sunday will bring the first true test of how far the defense has come, and it looks increasingly likely they will be tested without CB Johnathan Joseph, who did not practice for the second straight day.

Among defensive players likely to be targeted by the Jints is rookie LB Keith Rivers. Despite missing 10 days of camp, Rivers’ play has been generally solid, but he thinks he can do better. Offensively, the New York team is already well-positioned to make Carson Palmer’s day a long one, with sackmeister Justin Tuck set to tee up against LT Levi Jones, who has stunk so far this season and could only muster a “hopefully” the o-line will be able to match the Giants’ intensity. Great, just great.

Ex-Bengals Watch: Up in Cleveland, former Bengals guard Eric Steinbach may miss this week’s game against Baltimore with a sore shoulder, and ex-Bengals loudmouth Shaun Smith got fined $5,000 for face-masking Ben Roethlisberger last weekend.