Stick a Fork in the Season, It’s Done


Last year, after a hard-fought win over Baltimore on opening day, followed by a shootout loss to the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals traveled to Seattle in week 3 and lost, in part due to a shanked kickoff in the final minutes, courtesy of Shayne Graham’s nagging hip pointer. The Bengals never recovered from the heartbreaker against the Seahawks…just as, I predict, they won’t recover from the heartbreaker against the Giants.

They had every chance — and more — and blew it. As a long-time Bengals fan, I don’t even believe what I saw today. The Bengals have a long history of getting “up” for big games, and then laying an egg the next week. If (when) Cleveland rolls over the Bengals, don’t be surprised.

Good today? Chris Perry, Antonio Chatman, T.J. Houshmandzadeh. AWOL? Ocho Zero. Too many trips in the red zone for 3…swap one of those for a TD and we win the game. Defense did what it could, even gave the O a shot in OT…and they went 3 and out.

And then there’s Levi Jones. Personal to Levi: if you feel like this loss was your fault…you would be RIGHT.