TGIF: By the Numbers


Kirk digs into the numbers for the first quarter of the season. A couple things jump out from his observations. One, for all the grumbling about Stacy Franchise, the Bengals are averaging more than five yards a rush running behind him (8th in the NFL) versus 32nd in the league rushing behind False Start Jones (2 YPC average). Two, look at Sideshow Bob’s third down playcalling numbers. Unless the distance for a first is a yard or less, the Bengals pretty much always pass. Way to throw off the opposing D, Bratkowski. Finally, check the time of possession numbers. In all but the Giants’ game, the offense has not been able to give the improving defense a break.

Can we play this Sunday’s game on Tecmo Bowl?

WDR chats with an insider and finds out the Bengals’ scouting department is even lamer than we imagined.

That he had a hamstring injury was news to Chris Perry.

"When asked about it Thursday, Perry looked genuinely surprised: “I didn’t know I hurt it. I guess I hurt it sometime during the season.”He said he did have a limited practice on Wednesday, but it was more for rest than anything else.“I think it was just giving me time to recover. I hadn’t missed a practice since the beginning of training camp, so I guess they had to resport soemthing,” Perry said. “They picked a body part – eenie-meenie-minie-mo. I feel great.”"

Comedy gold there.

Can the Bengals pull an upset Sunday? The Chickster says no. I have to agree, it seems unlikely, especially with the strong possibility that Ryan Fitzpatrick is thrust into the starting role again.

Doc passes along a tip for those who’ve given up.