Friday Three-Fer


A quick three questions with Brian at on this weekend’s game.

Bengals fans are looking at the possibility that No. 2 QB Ryan Fitzpatrick could be starting. How’s your pass D?

It’s definitely trying to find its identity. There have been good moments and bad. Darrelle Revis is quickly becoming one of the best corners in the AFC, and already has 3 INT and a return for a touchdown. Rookie starter Dwight Lowery has five passes defensed and a forced fumble, but has been picked on by Quarterbacks. The back eight (3-4) seem to struggle against third/slot receivers, and running backs. Look for Cinci to try and take advantage of this as much as they can in this game.

Will the Jets special teams give up a big play?

The unit had its struggles early on in the season, but has gotten better and better over the course of a few games. Most of the issues early were due to the fact that the Jets Special Teams coach for a longtime, Mike Westhoff left the team for medical reasons last winter. In the meantime, the Jets brought in a new coach, but Westhoff has made a remarkable recovery, and now the two are coaching the unit together. I think there were some communication breakdowns early, but the unit seems to be getting back to their traditional solid ways.

Is Kris Jenkins back to 100% yet?

He had a great game against Arizona, clogging the middle, making tackles on inside runners and disrupting the passing game head on. As long as he’s stayed healthy in his off week, I should expect to see more of the same this weekend.