Game 6 – Bengals at Jets Pre-Game Thoughts

By Staff

Game 6 – 2008 Bengals Season

Bengals at Jets, October 12th, 2008 – 1pm EST


How will the Bengals Offense Look?


Carson Palmer is highly unlikely to play, with the team even declaring Fitzpatrick as the starter. Excuses abounded after Fitzpatrick dunced his way to losing to Cleveland; not enough prep time, didn’t have the game-plan down, Ryan is a bad name for QB’s (as in Leaf). With enough time to get on track this week, Mr. Fitzpatrick needs to show he has the basic competence to manage this offense. No fumbles, no INT’s, no ding-dong mistakes. Might seem like a tall order but that is why he gets paid a healthy chunk of coin.

The Jets will bring pressure with their 3-4, with a total of 13 sacks through 5 games and have talent but some inexperience in the secondary, yielding the 31st worst pass yards per game.

RB :

Perry and Benson will need to get going and take pressure off the aforementioned Ryan Fitzpatrick. Benson illustrated his knack for making a cut and getting positive yards, a sight long missing since, dare I say, when a certain Mr. Dillon carried the rock. Somehow, Off. Coordinator Bratkowski failed to recognize this and effectively shelved Benson, culminating with a Perry fumble on a carry that PROBABLY should have gone to Benson.

Mr. Perry faces serious scrutiny as to ball security this week. 3, 4, 5 fumbles later and we know have a guy who physically seems to be back but has “forgotten” how to secure the ball. Not sure what to say but Chrissy needs to be very disciplined about securing the football.

With the Jets D ranked 5th versus the run, Benson and Perry must be ready to rally from the go.


Against a very talented Dallas D front, the Bengals O-line stood solid, made very good adjustments and generally game Carson time to make plays. They move the line and had one of their better “group” efforts of the season to date.

The O-Line will now be forced to handle a physical Jets front that is sure to be problematic for Center Eric Ghiaciuc, who will face off against NT Kris Jenkins who has emerged as an impact player helping this D to a solid result v the run.

Last week we pointed out a few stats as to “how to lose a game”. This week we will examine the progress (or lack thereof) from Game 3 to Game 4.


Total Net Offense:

Game 4 v Browns – 211 yards

Game 5 v Cowboys – 269 yards


3rd Down Efficiency:

Game 4 v Browns – 4/13 – 30%

Game 5 v Cowboys – 6/15 – 42%


Time of Possession:

Game 4 v Browns – 25.58

Game 5 v Cowboys – 31:45


Yards Allowed:

Game 4 v Browns – 261 yards (5/13 on 3rd down)

Game 5 v Cowboys – 373 yards (9/15 on 3rd down)


Utecht who? Chad what? Lots of money, for little return. ROI is a big deal.

Our big offseason FA signing had one catch for 3 yards….I can do that. I am 6’1” 187 lbs and am pretty quick. I can catch one pass and get a few yards guaranteed.

TJ and Chatman need to work the obvious seams in Mangina’s hybrid 3-4/cover two D. Lots of room to work zones and underneath crossing and quick out routes. If Fitz can pay attention, a pseudo west-coast game plan could decimate this D. Look for lots of quick hits and come-back digs. If they can get any running game goingm they can work some play action screens and make yards/first downs.

How will the Bengals Defense Look?


I loved seeing Mr. Jessica Simpson hanging his head and slumping his shoulders walking off the field when he could not get his big plays going. I dug it. Too bad it will not last.

Orien Harris is about as decent of a FA pick-up since we took Tony Williams. Mr. Harris has done what Mr. Thornton, Myers, Peko, Askew, etc., could not: Hold the fort.

The big issue now, at 0-5 is when do you rotate/start the rookies, Pat Sims and Jason Shirley. Possessing the size and physical-ness lacking from a stiff like Thornton, the rookies demand time in game situations. With the Jets, you get a mixed bag of experience (Faneca) and utility (Moore). With Mangold anchoring the center, Zimmer would be smart to leverage the edges for blitz schemes.


Wow. Dhani Jones leads the league in tackles. Earning his pay and getting his career back in the good graces of the NFL gods. I like it but he is no Ray Lewis.

With the Jets, I expect the Bengals LB’s to blitz incessantly, forcing Mr. Far-ve to dump passes and scramble around. He is old, make him run, wear him out. Make him tired and get him to make mistakes.

Mr. Rivers has been solid but not outstanding.


Joseph, Hall, Ndukwe, White: That is your core group. Get used to it. This is the future of the secondary.

We all recall how Madieu Williams was SMOKED by Pennington in a loss several years ago. I am eager to see the ball hawking and hard hitting instincts of this group to emerge. Mr. Fav-re can be baited and abused. Here is to hoping.

How will the Special Teams Look?

Glen Holt, team MVP nominee in getting the O decent field position. His worst returns are generally average, and he is never blown up.

Chatman is holding the fort on PR. Good on ya’ mate.

Concern over Shayne-o-matic being hurt and the signing of K Rayner could mean the Bengals go for it on 4th when a Fg would have been the call. I hope the line and Benson is up to task.


Injuries – Palmer, Graham, D-Jax, not too many dings on the Striped side.

For the Jets, K Mike Nugent is out. Maybe they will forgo FG attempts as well. Like a HS game.

Stadium/Fans – The Meadowlands is inhospitable. Not overly intimidating but somewhat annoying. Put it this way, Jets fans are not Giants fans but this is the teams second trip to NJ.

Weather – Sunny, mid-70’s. Perfect.

Historically – Jets lead 12-7.

Relevant StatChad Johnson had 36 catches for 578 yards after five games in 2007, compared to 14 catches for 159 yards this season. F you Chad, F you and Rosenhate.

Prognosis – Eternally optimistic, Bengals 20 – Jets 13. The D shuts down the Far-ve show.