TGIF: Past As Prologue


The upcoming game against the Houston Texans gives fans a chance to re-live yet another in a long line of Bengals mistakes since 2006: letting WR Kevin Walter walk.

"Back in ’06, it made no sense for the Bengals to pay Walter a $1.5 million average over four years. Before Washington left after the ’06 season as a free agent, before Tab Perry suffered a spate of injuries that limited him to just four games after ’05, and before Chris Henry incurred three league suspensions."

Yeah, it made no sense to retain a guy who, over the past 21 games, has 89 catches for more than 1,000 yards. Same way it made no sense to keep a young second-round selection at guard in favor of handing big bucks to an aging and increasingly injury-prone right tackle. Same way it made sense to bid farewell to quality character guys for arrest-prone rookies. Same way it made sense to franchise guys like Justin Smith while letting key reserves and teams players scatter to the NFL winds. More? Click here. To anyone wondering why we’re 0-7, well, to quote Bill Engvall, there’s your sign.