Monday Morning Hangover: Bengals Scalp ‘Skins, WDR Scalps Mikey


The Revolution got a lot of well-deserved attention for its urinal cake stunt at Paul Brown Stadium yesterday. It was easily the most inspired project the site has come up with this season, and the thought of security at PBS running around the stands frisking fans for contraband cakes is simply hilarious. Well played.

As for the game between Cincinnati and Washington…not so much. Doc credits the Bengals for their fast start and clock-killing end-of-game drive, but says that the Skins were generous guests. “Whether you choose to credit Cincinnati or laugh at the Redskins is entirely up to you.” Me? Well, I’d put it at about 50/50 and leave it at that.

However, even only half the blame might be enough to end the Jim Zorn era in Washington. Like the Bengals’ earlier tie with Philadelphia did for Andy Reid, the loss has Washington observers sharpening the knives for Redskins owner Dan Snyder. “In this dank, gray stadium, home lately to some of America’s most depressing football, Zorn’s team came out unprepared to play the paramount game of their season,” writes Washington Post sports columnist Mike Sellers. His colleague Thomas Boswell described Zorn’s face after the game as “drained, as if he’d just walked away from a car crash but wasn’t sure how much damage he might discover if he looked back over his shoulder,” and later gives Bengals fans this paragraph to savor:

"But not these particular Redskins, some with signs of tears still on their faces, others with jaws clenched long after a defeat as embarrassing and unlikely as any in the last 15 years. And not Zorn, who when asked about his possible job insecurity, said: “There will be speculation, conversation. That’s the way it will be. It will be there.”"

Mmmm…schadenfreude. My favorite Monday morning breakfast cereal.

The second victory of this 2008 season was also Ryan Fitzpatrick’s second victory as a Bengals quarterback. Fitz was a workmanlike 16 for 29 for 209 yards and a touchdown. He also had 11 rushes for 29 yards and a TD. The game showed what anyone who also saw the Jacksonville win demonstrated: the Bengals can indeed win with Fitz — if the rest of the offense shows up. The Bengals got 73 yards out of Cedric Benson yesterday and the offensive line gave up an uncharacteristically low two sacks.

It was equally noteworthy that, at least for one week, WR Chris Henry pulled his head out of his ass long enough to make a few plays, including breaking up a couple picks and helping to spring Benson on his big 79-yard run with a downfield block.