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Wicky Wacky Wyche


No, not former Cincinnati Bengals coach Sam, but “senior columnist” and, apparently, town drunk, Steve Wyche, whose latest mock proposes the following trade for the Bengals at six:

"The Bengals could be in play for a trade. It might sound crazy, but how about Chad Johnson to Philly, which also moves to this spot, for the Eagles’ pick at No. 28 and a later-round selection?"

What??? OK, let me get this straight: the Bengals send Chad and the No. 6 overall to Philadelphia, and in return get the No. 28 overall and some chump change?

According to the NFL’s draft trade value chart, the No. 6 is worth 1,600 points. The No. 28 is worth 660 points. Let’s assume this “later-round selection” is the best it could possibly be, the Eagles’ second-round pick. That would be the 53rd pick, worth 370 points.

So, Ocho Cinco is worth -570 points, Steve? Now, I can see a deal for Chad involving the 28th pick, but if Philly wants to move up to 6, they’re going to need to do a lot more than just offer to take 85 off Mike Brown’s hands.

(h/t bengalszone)