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Bengals Go to 11


Score one for comp pick guru AdamJT37, who nailed the Cincinnati Bengals’ compensatory draft picks. The Bengals will get an extra third-round selection at the bottom of the third round, as well as an additional sixth and a pair of extra seventh-round picks.

The extra picks, which can’t be traded, give the Bengals 11 in the upcoming draft. Of course, the last time Cincinnati had 11 picks in the draft was the horrible 2004 outing…hopefully they do better this time around.

Elsewhere in the AFC North, only Pittsburgh got a compensatory selection, a fifth-rounder (and they may have gotten shafted). So in this year’s draft, the Bengals will exercise 11 picks, the Steelers eight nine (they have an extra 7th from Tampa in the Sean Mahan trade), the Ravens six (they are out a 7th, traded to Tampa for Marques Douglas) and the Browns just five — their first, two seconds, and a fourth and sixth.