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Bengals Mock Draft Big Board 3/25


For the first time this year, an offensive tackle isn’t leading the Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft Big Board. With OTs Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith increasingly being projected as top four picks, Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji has blown up to the top of the board.

WR Michael Crabtree, DE Brian Orakpo and OT Andre Smith also have their supporters as alternatives if Monroe and Jason are gone.

As always, the Big Board was assembled by combing through Fansided’s Mock Draft Database, and also incorporates mocks from, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports. It uses only mocks that have been updated within the last two weeks.

By position, that’s 54 (-1) votes for offensive tackle, 28 (+11) for defensive tackle, 14 (+2) for wide receiver, 7 (-8) for defensive end, and 3 (no change) for running back.

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