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Bengals Mock Draft Big Board 3/31


As we head into April and the last few weeks before the 2009 NFL draft, defensive tackle B.J. Raji is leading the Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft Big Board, if only by default. There is no question in the collective mind of the mockosphere that if either offensive tackle Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith somehow slips to six, they will be the pick. But draftniks now consider Jason to be a virtual top-four lock, and Monroe is having increasing difficulty running the gauntlet of Detroit, St. Louis and Seattle.

The wild card is OT Andre Smith. There is a growing suspicion that the Bengals, desperate for a tackle, will throw caution to the wind and select Smith despite his post-season follies. The rumor mill has them still high on the Alabama tackle, while eyeing the RB spot in round two.

As always, the Big Board was assembled by combing through Fansided’s Mock Draft Database, and also incorporates mocks from, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports. It uses only mocks that have been updated within the last two weeks.

By position, that’s 46 (-8) votes for offensive tackle, 32 (+4) for defensive tackle, 13 (-1) for wide receiver, 6 (+3) for running back, and 4 (-3) for defensive end.

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