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Cutler to Bears; Orton, Picks to Broncos


QB Jay Cutler is headed to the Windy City as part of a deal that sends QB Kyle Orton to Denver. Chicago also get Denver’s fifth-round pick this season, while the Broncos receive the Bears’ first- and third-round selections in 2009 and first round pick in 2010.

Damn. Two first and a third is a lot to give up, but props to the Bears’ management. They wanted Cutler and they went out and took him. No way that Orton is any kind of solution in Denver, so expect the Broncos to look to the draft for a QB.

Denver and Cincinnati have a history in the first round. Back in 2004, the two teams exchanged firsts in the deal that brought CB Delta O’Neal to Cincinnati (and also unfortunately led to the Bengals drafting Chris Perry). If Matt Stafford and/or Mark Sanchez is on the board at six, the Broncos might be interested in moving up to grab a QB.

Denver picks at 48 in the second round. That pick has a trade value of 420 points. Combined with their selection at 12, worth 1,200, that’s just enough to boost them to 1,600, the value of the six spot.