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Report: Bengals CB Hall Busted for DUI



Hopefully this report turns out not to be true.

But if it is: smooth move, Leon. Just what the Bengals needed on top of all the “character” crud they just got hit with in the wake of the Tank Johnson signing.


Update: Via 1530Homer’s Lance McAlister: Hall busted. DUI and driving on the right side of the roadway.


Hey, Leon: you signed a $13.6 million deal with more than $8 million guaranteed a year and a half ago. You can afford a cab!!!

And more: 3 a.m. Blew a 1.49. His excuse when pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road? “Uhhh…my wife is having a baby.”


Even more: One of kirk’s commenters says Hall’s wife did indeed give birth on the 6th. So, first, congratulations and best wishes.

Second, Leon, dude, you do realize you are totally screwed for the rest of your life, right? You are never, ever going to live this one down. Every one of your kid’s birthdays is going to be a very special day.

Mommy, tell me again where daddy was when I was being born?

Well, dear, your father was sleeping one off in a drunk tank in Clermont County.

What’s a drunk tank?