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Monday Night Notes


More draft rumors percolating this evening. First up, Muckrake Mike alleges that QB Matt Stafford is telling former Georgia teammates that he has a deal done with Detroit including $40 million guaranteed.

Florio also writes that teams looking to trade out of the top ten are having no luck whatsoever, bad news for Cincinnati fans who were hoping for a trade down. And while we’re on the subject of trades, the Cryptkeeper says don’t expect one for Chad Ochocinco:

"The Bengals have been pondering the idea of trading Chad Ocho Cinco, but it appears they won’t pull the trigger. Obviously, something could change, but I believe Bengals management understands it won’t get first- and third-round picks for him. Barring a change of heart, Johnson will stay with the Bengals."

And a majority of Bengals fans in our ongoing, completely unscientific internet poll (see right-hand column) appear okay with that. As of this writing, more than 50% want either a first and third, or at least a first, for Chad. Just one in 10 are willing to take a single third or less.

Finally, possible Bengal-to-be Andre Smith may or may not have fired his agent today.