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Bengals Mock Draft Big Board 4/18


With one week to go until the 2009 NFL draft, Alabama OT Andre Smith remains the favorite for the Cincinnati Bengals’ selection at No. 6.

OT Eugene Monroe runs a strong second, and in fact many of Andre’s backers pick him only because Monroe and fellow top OT Jason Smith are off the board.

DT B.J. Raji is now a distant third, but is still running surprisingly strong among those who think he’ll be the best player available at six.

As always, the Big Board was assembled by combing through Fansided’s Mock Draft Database, and also incorporates mocks from the media. It uses only mocks that have been updated in the past 10 days. The final Big Board will be posted on the 24th prior to the start of the draft.

By position, that’s 76 (+12) votes for offensive tackle, 11 (-4) for defensive tackle, 5 (-5) for defensive end, 5 (-4) for wide receiver, 3 (+1) for running back, and 2 (+1) for linebacker.

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