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Lewis: Bengals Not Trading Chad


Speaking at the team’s annual pre-draft press conference, Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said the club will not trade Chad Ochocinco.

"“Again, I don’t know why people continue with this speculation of moving Chad,” Lewis said. “He’s been told many times and reiterated now — and I don’t know if anyone’s keeping count of this — but Chad’s not getting moved.”"

Lewis said the Bengals would probably draft wide receiver at some point, but that he didn’t see any wideout better than Chad in this year’s class.

Lewis also said that the Bengals were unlikely to trade up from six, but could move down. He admitted to liking Andre Smith, but added that the team “doesn’t necessarily need” a left tackle.

Most fans and observers expect the Bengals to go heavy on offense early in the draft. At the presser, Lewis joked that defensive coordinator may not have to bother showing up in the war room Friday.

How much of this is real and how much of it is smoke? John Thornton says expect more of the latter at this point. “Don’t believe much of what you are reading this week,” he advises, “in fact, believe just the opposite.”

In which case, expect the Bengals to trade Chad and jump up in the first to get a top defender…