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Report: Stafford to Lions All But Done


Memo from the Take This With a Planet-Sized Grain of Salt Dep’t: NFL Draft Bible — the same site that brought the world those BS reports of positive drug tests at the combine (which it has since retracted and apologized for) — says QB Matt Stafford is the Detroit Lions’ choice with the first pick in the draft.

Stafford will receive a whopping $80 million contract.

The deal reportedly includes about $40 million in guaranteed coin, the same amount cited in a recent report from PFT about Stafford telling his ex-Georgia teammates that Detroit was a done deal.

While widely expected, Stafford going to Detroit over OT Jason Smith would boost the odds that a top-tier OT will be available at six.

Update: Via PFT come word from The Oakland Press that top Lions brass took a deal for Stafford to ownership earlier today, corroborating at least part of NFL Draft Bible’s report.

Update 2: The Lions deny both reports.

Update 3: Again via PFT comes more word that Stafford and the Lions are close, this time from’s Steve Wyche. The two sides are in “final negotiations,” he maintains, and a deal could be struck as early as tonight.

Should things fall through, Wyche adds, Jason Smith is next on deck.

Update 4: Contradicting Wyche, Tom Kowalski at says that the Lions have a deal done with Aaron Curry and will sign him, not Jason Smith, if they can’t finish a deal with Stafford.

Update 5: The Cryptkeeper weighs in, saying that negotiations have “intensified” with Stafford but no deal is done yet.

And so… Florio says that it will be Stafford but not until Friday as his agent holds out until the last minute in case the Lions up their offer.