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Smoke on the Water


ESPN’s James Walker flees the smoke in the AFC North. I disagree on the Bengals, though: if Aaron Curry survives to six, he’ll be damned hard to pass up, especially if CBS’ Rob Rang is right about the view of tackles at the top of the draft.

And hopefully his pal Reuter is wrong about Beanie Wells.

Over at, Peter King also tries to sort reality from bullcrap. Curry, he writes, won’t fall past Cleveland — if he even makes it that far. He dismisses rumors of the Rams taking a QB second overall, saying that they can’t afford to pass on an offensive tackle. There I agree: St. Louis makes Cincinnati look positively flush at tackle.

Based on what he’s heard inside PBS, the Enquirer’s Joe Reedy says these are the names at the top of the Bengals’ draft board (not in any particular order):

"The three offensive tackles: Baylor’s Jason Smith, Virginia’s Eugene Monroe and Alabama’s Andre Smith.Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry.Texas Tech WR Michael CrabtreeBoston College DT B.J. RajiTwo running backs: Ohio State’s Chris “Beanie” Wells and Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno."

No huge surprises there, except perhaps the absence of a pass-rusher like Brian Orakpo.

Finally, an item with a bit more substance: Bengals fans may hear their team call the name of Cal linebacker Zack Follett on day 2 of the draft. The Bengals coached Follett at the Senior Bowl and, he says, were impressed with his football smarts.

"I think the Bengals coach was really impressed with me. I think as far as a student of the game, I was like…I mean at Cal, I never considered myself being a very smart football player, because there’s other guys in the room who knew more than me, but then once I went to the Senior Bowl, I’m in the meeting room with some of the nation’s best and you know, they’re looking at film and the coach is trying to ask them a question and they don’t know how to respond and it’s just kind of day-one stuff for me. The coach said, he said like I should’ve been coaching the meeting. Yeah, because he was impressed with how much I knew, football-smarts-wise."