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TGIF, Pre-Draft Edition


Will the Buffalo Bills trade up tomorrow to get ahead of the Bengals so they can draft Andre Smith? With the additional picks they got from the Eagles in the Jason Peters trade, they certainly have the ammo to jump Cincinnati if they so choose.

The Denver Broncos are also said to be interested in moving up in order to land QB Mark Sanchez.’s Chris Steuber believes the Bengals will pick either Andre Smith or Michael Oher at six.

C. Trent sums up the case for Andre Smith. The counter-argument: if what you’re after is a right tackle so the Bengals don’t have to rely on Dennis “Who?” Roland, you can get one later in the draft. So why not use the six on an impact player, like a top-tier pass rusher?

The Bengals waived reserve offensive lineman Kirk Barton yesterday. Barton was signed off the Miami practice squad last November 28, and promptly got hurt and placed on injured reserve December 6.

One Man Crime Wave is sick of the Chad trade non-story. Same here. There’s no market for him and Mike Brown is in no rush to swap him for peanuts. End of story. The only thing about the recent T.J. Houshmandzadeh-fueled dustup worth noting was the way Chad’s alleged best buddy threw him under the bus on TV. “Crying?” Yeah, you stay classy, T.J.