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Bengals Land Rey-Rey in Second Round


The Cincinnati Bengals snagged a falling star with the 38th pick, grabbing USC linebacker Rey Maualuga.

Love the pick. MLB Dhani Jones is a tremendous leader who can mentor Maualuga, and the move reunites Rey with his college teammate Keith Rivers.

Some fans might be surprised that Cincinnati passed on a potential center in Max Unger, but I’ve had a growing suspicion that the coaching staff is happy with Kyle Cook, Dan Santucci and Andrew Crummy. They might still take a center, but I don’t think it was as high on their list of needs as some have put it.

Kirk notes that Maualuga was thought by some to be the top LB in the draft.

OMCW is jacked.

Bengal Stripes calls it a Christmas Miracle in April.

James Walker likes the thought of a Maualuga – Rivers reunion.

Posters at Go-Bengals are gushing over the pick. Bengals Jungle loves the pick too. BengalsZone likes Maualuga but is antsy about a center.

Jon Gruden says Maualuga is his Rookie of the Year candidate on defense.

Cincy LB coach Jeff FitzGerald on Maualuga:

"The man ‘s a warrior."

C. Trent says that FitzGerald can’t stop smiling. Maualuga was the player the Bengals were targeting if they had traded out of the six spot.