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Bengals Start Day 2 With Michael Johnson


Cincinnati stuck with defense to begin day 2, selecting Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson at the top of the third round.

Johnson had some buzz earlier this year as a possible top 10 pick, even though he was only a starter his senior year, notching 43 tackles and seven sacks. He has superior speed off the edge and should make an immediate impact as a situational rusher.

The Bengals said all offseason that improving the pass rush was a priority; Johnson will do just that, and is great value at this stage of the draft.

The Bengals have another compensatory pick at the end of the third.

BengalsZone likes the pick. Go-Bengals notes that this puts another Johnson on the roster. Over at Cincy Jungle, posters worry about his motor.

Marvin Lewis on ESPN right now: Michael has some things to prove, unbelievable skills and ability, let him rush the passer, could be a down end or LB, will have opportunity to rush the passer on third down

Kirk runs down Johnson’s lists of awards and more.

On ESPN, Mel loves the pick, says Johnson slipped to the third because he’s an underachiever. Herm Edwards believes Marvin can motivate him. Todd McShay calls it a “great pick.” Says Cincy got a good project at the spot where he belongs, the third round.

OMCW: excellent selection.