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Bengals Record First Injury of ’09


The Cincinnati Bengals couldn’t even make it through their rookie minicamp this weekend without an injury, continuing two years of lousy luck keeping the squad healthy. Former Michigan CB Morgan Trent, a sixth-round pick last weekend, fractured his foot and will need to have a small screw put in temporarily. He is expected to be back in time for training camp.

The Bengals also signed three tryout players to rookie deals, Ball State tight end Darius Hill, Central State defensive tackle Pernell Phillips, and Florida long snapper James Smith.

Of those three, Smith may have the best chance to stick. Incumbent long snapper Brad St. Louis has had a couple high-profile flubs in recent years, and at 33 the 10-year veteran TE is starting to get up there. Smith, a linebacker, was a rare successful walk-on at Florida who became a team leader. He sounds like the kind of player the Bengals could use more of.

Replacing St. Louis with a rookie would also save Mike Brown some dough: the minimum salary for a rook is more than $500,000 less than the minimum salary for a 10-year vet.