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WR Kool-Ade Keeps Coming in Cincy


Note: this was written yesterday, but the network was experiencing technical difficulties. Please pardon our dust. Now, on to (belated) business:

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, but my paying gig is absorbing all my time of late, so my gratis ramblings here have taken a hit. Anyone out there interested in helping out around these parts, feel free to drop me a line at stripehype (at)

Doesn’t look like I’ve missed much, though. I see former center Eric Ghiaciuc is talking about how Chad Ochocinco’s antics always had him looking over his shoulder. Well, y’know, maybe if he’d kept his eyes off Chad and on the DT in front of him he wouldn’t have gotten blown off the ball so much. Chad, meanwhile, appears the very soul of team, and says his hunger for success is back.

"“I had to go back to Square One. From 1997 to 1999, I was hungry,” said The Ocho, referring to his junior college days. “It got a little too easy for me. I wouldn’t say I stopped working hard, but the hunger wasn’t there like it used to be. The hunger is back. Last year was very humbling. When I get back, words can’t describe the type of year I’m going to have.”"

Reading that quote, I can just hear the music in the background (warning: clicking the following video may cause uncontrollable laughter).

With Chad saying all the right things, James Walker is starting to eye the Ocho Bandwagon-o, and even Doc departs from form and predicts Chad will ditch the act and stick to football this season. That’s been my guess for a while now and, yes, James, a motivated Chad is among the last things other AFC North teams want to see in Cincy.

Turning to Bengals receivers not boasting a garbled Spanish nickname, Chris Henry continues his transformation into a pro football player, while Andre Caldwell explains why he’s better than T.J. All these guys still have to put their money where their mouths are, and the o-line still has to keep Carson Palmer upright, but all the pieces for a top-tier passing game appear to be coming together in Cincinnati right now.

Keep the Kool-Ade comin’, fellas.