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We Need More Willie

By nate

I’m getting a little ahead of myself already, assuming Andre Smith is going to sign a contract, but I think there’s something the Bengals should do to help the rookie along:  bring back Willie Anderson. First, let’s get past the fact that the Bengals should have never cut Anderson last year in the first place.

O.K. let’s move on. We all know Smith’s biggest question mark is his maturity and decision-making. Anderson played hurt, played hard and oozed professionalism on some truly dreadful Bengals teams. Anyone remember the Scott Mitchell years? Plus, Anderson always seemed to give writer Geoff Hobson a quote. What better person would there be for Smith to learn from? Furthermore, Smith is moving to right tackle this fall. Anderson is a four-time Pro Bowler, perhaps the best right tackle of the last decade. And finally, Smith, who played for Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide last season, has even said that he looks up to Anderson, who also played college football in Alabama (at Auburn).

So the Bengals need to lure Willie Anderson out of retirement. Or at least hire him as an assistant coach. It makes way too much sense. Which is probably why it will never happen.

A few audibles (picture Peyton Manning’s Madonna-Vogue hand signals):

I’m going to stay out of the Ben Roethlisberger fiasco and let every other news outlet beat it into the ground. But he looked really out of shape at his press conference today. Fat, actually. Let’s hope his whole team is.

And according to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network, he’s heard the Jaguars, Raiders and Bengals (gulp!) mentioned as possible suitors for Mike Vick. Say it ain’t so! I’m so sick of Mike Brown’s Mother Theresa act. If he wants to pursue sainthood, try to rescue some of the lost souls on Cincinnati street corners. Leave our football team alone. Let the Browns have him. Think of all the cross-marketing opportunities with the Dawg Pound.

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