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Position Preview: TE

By nate

Chase Coffman will get most of the attention at this spot even though it’s uncertain how soon he will be able to contribute in an actual game. Coffman has obvious receiving skills and was a steal in my opinion during the draft, but we all know the Bengals want their tight ends to be in-line blockers, so Coffman isn’t expected to make an instant splash. I do, however, think he can contribute in red-zone packages sooner rather than later. The Bengals were absolutely dreadful in the red zone – and everywhere else – last season and could use a 6-6 target with soft hands in that area.

Reggie Kelly is back for another season and should give the Bengals a solid blocking presence on the edge. Ben Utecht returns after a disappointing first season in Cincy and could help the team if he’s healthy this season. Daniel Coats returns from his stint as a fullback and should be a special teams contributor this season. The team will also take a training-camp look-see at Darius Hill, a 6-7 rookie from Ball State. Overall, this group has potential and is much stronger than last year with the addition of Coffman.

Clicks and Audibles:  A Bengals staffer called me the other day to see if I would be interested in two-pack game tickets because I’ve bought them in the past. It seems that the team isn’t selling tickets like it used to.  I wonder if last year’s debacle has anything to do with that. Single-game tickets go on sale Saturday for anyone who is interested.

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